Questions and answers about regional destination marketing and video content marketing

Destination marketing is a very particular art and science. Selling a region is a distinct communications challenge that requires a marketing strategy as unique as the destination each time. But when a destination marketing plan is executed well it can have huge positive impacts for multiple businesses and communities across a wide area for a significant period. As such we take the task of selling a region or its visitor economy businesses extremely seriously.

The statistics around the selling power of film and video for regions and travel destinations (especially in social media) are stunning. Video marketing growth is explosive and it’s driving all new communications strategies globally in 2020. Video or film-based content marketing is not an extra or add-on or a luxury in a destination communications plan anymore, it’s mandatory as part of any successful marketing effort. If you are not consistently using film to communicate your offer or sell your unique point of difference, you’re not getting the sales results you need.

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How can we more effectively promote our tourism region online?

Developing an integrated multi-channel communications strategy and placing video as the central component of your long-term marketing plans, is perhaps the most highly effective method of promoting a tourism region online.

Research by google has shown that videos in the travel and recreation industry get some of the highest return on investment of any business sector. Their data shows that a massive 75% of people booked after watching an online video featuring a luxury experience or activity. For more general tourism videos the statistics are still huge – google says just under 50% wanted to book after watching a film showing a tourism or recreation experience. So we know tourism marketing videos sell.

But while video content marketing is extremely important, your overall destination marketing communications plan needs to first understand your desired market/s, know where they exist online and then effectively leverage the power of your video across multiple platforms and channels. The plan will invariably include support content and messages through other marketing messages and formats such as radio, (or Spotify / Youtube Music) and photo based content posts via platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

Why should you integrate video into your 2020 destination marketing plan?

In 2020, video marketing your destination or tourism business is a powerful business decision for a number of reasons. Most obviously, it’s because people like to know where they’re going and what they might experience with you or in your region. But it’s more than that. A destination marketing video gives your business or region online visibility in an engaging and compelling form that sells.

Often when people come across a destination film or video they are researching their options and are already partly interested in a local experience or region as a whole, so they’re looking to find out more. A professionally produced video at this point is a fantastic way to bring your region to life, show its many positive attributes in their best light, and sell the destination as an experience in its own right. Great moments and well edited footage can present a strong feeling and help people visualise and imagine themselves enjoying all that your destination has to offer. If you do it right, your video is there at the right moment, ready to help finalise the sale.

The act of enjoying a well shot and produced destination film is actually a significant proportion of the fun of planning a getaway for many travellers. While the video is a component of the destination research effort, if it’s professionally produced and engaging, it adds greatly to the anticipation around the upcoming journey, encourages excitement and more importantly, leads directly to bookings and travel. Videos make people want to get up and go!

The trick to get the best of your tourism marketing video is to make it central to a wider integrated communications strategy. Your video can be published and included not only on your website, but as part of a wider communications effort. For example, you may want to promote it as part of a multi-week influencer strategy across social media and other online platforms including regional TV. As part of this you may also want to schedule the activity well ahead of your low or shoulder seasons in order to drive more visitors to your region when you need it most. Each communications plan will be different according to the market, where they congregate online, the media they consume and of course your unique selling point. All these things need to be carefully considered when devising your strategy.

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Why should my visitor economy business use more visual content in our social media content strategy plans?

Video not only cuts through better on social media networks, consumer research shows that it has significantly higher message recall than text-based messaging. The facts are stark, with text-based information only retained for 10% of people, compared with 95% of viewers who’ve watched a video. (Insivia) If that is not enough for you then consider that videos on social media get 1200% more shares than image and photos get COMBINED. (G2 Crowd).

Whether you’re an accommodation provider, restaurant, winery, tour operator, recreational business, or any other visitor economy business, you can stand out in the crowd and show your real strengths with a high quality, engaging video by Oh The Places You’ll Go!

Why should video content be the driving force behind our visitor economy business marketing efforts?

If business video production is not a significant component of your marketing budget and digital content plans, then you are lagging well behind your competitors.

Want proof?

In 2019, the business market grabbed video like never before and the trend is not letting up in 2020. A whopping 81% of brands and business used video for marketing in 2019. (Hubspot) Clearly video is becoming central to marketing plans.

Let us help you bring video front and centre into your communications and content strategy plans.

What makes a great destination film?

A great destination video reveals the essential character of your region, sparks strong positive emotions and makes a viewer long to discover more and enjoy all its unique experiences.

From a production point of view, the film is well shot and edited and finished with professional graphics, titles and appropriate, thoughtfully matched music. A less considered low-quality video of your region will send the message that it’s a low-quality brand.

For your online content marketing efforts it is worth putting the same effort into your video content that you might with a TV ad. In 2020 people expect high quality video presentations across all channels and that means videos you may show internally and video pieces shown externally to the consumer market. Don’t take the cheap and cheerful approach to your online video content development, it will only make your business, brand and region seem cheap and cheerful too.

How can video content marketing help build my brand?

A video that helps tell your story will also help sell your story. There are many types of video you can create to build your brand but the one that can become the foundation of your sales, is the story of your brand. Why do you exist? What do you stand for? Who are you? Telling your brand story in a professional marketing video, letting people meet you, hear you, know who you are, what you stand for and why is one of the most effective ways to grow your brand and your sales. There is an intimacy and trust that you generate when addressing your market personally and providing a window on your brand, in a well-made business video. We’d suggest you may want to show some customer testimonials too, to create further interest in and proof about your offer and experiences that customers can enjoy.

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Check out these video marketing statistics for 2020 and please give us a call after that.

Video was the number one medium for selling in 2019, and its use in marketing plans for business in 2020 and beyond is growing exponentially.

How popular is online video in 2020?

It is predicted that within three years, online video will be 15 TIMES HIGHER than in 2017. In fact, by 2022, video content will comprise over 80% of all web consumer traffic. (Cisco)

How useful is video for SEO and website traffic?

You’ll get 300% more site traffic and grow more serious leads with video. (MarketingSherpa) Including video in your SEO strategy can give you a huge website traffic boost. In fact, when your website includes video your chances of claiming the first page of google are increased by a whopping 53 times. (Insivia)

How fast is the growth in video marketing for business?

Growth in video as a marketing tool is off the charts. In a single year, between 2018 and 2019 video for business grew over 25.5%.  (Hubspot) The simple reason for the growth is that there are genuine benefits of video marketing your business.

What percentage of brands use video in their marketing plan?

In 2019, the business market grabbed video like never before. 81% of brands and business used video to help marketing.  (Hubspot)

What popular platforms do people watch video on?

Video is played most on devices, with 75% of videos watched on mobile. (eMarketer)

Is video the most effective medium for message retention?

That’s a big yes! Text based information is only retained for 10% of people, compared with 95% of viewers who’ve watched a video. (Insivia) You are more likely to sell with video than other messaging media.

How do people prefer to learn about a new product or service?

72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of video. (HubSpot)

What is the total number of Facebook video views daily?

Facebook now gets an average of  8 BILLION video views per day. Phew! (TechCrunch)

Does video get shared much across social media sites?

Does video get shared on social? Are you kidding?  It’s shared 1200% more than image and photos – COMBINED. (G2 Crowd)

Why should I use Linked In for video ad campaigns?

View rates on Linked In video campaigns are huge at 50%! (LinkedIn) If your market is professional and corporate, then why not test Linked In video marketing?

Is video email marketing a good way to increase engagement and effectiveness of my email campaign?

You can increase your email click through rate by 300% with a video embedded in your email. (HubSpot)