Council Data Analysis and Insights
and Stakeholder Engagement Services

Oh the Places You’ll Go! offers in-house data discovery and analytics services to all metro and regional councils who wish to unlock the insights contained in their data sets. Our team’s capability in this area is led by a highly experienced data analyst (Susana!) who can review, assess, pull apart, interrogate and extract key insights from any type of council data (not just data related to visitor economy) based on council requirements. The objective is to turn data sets into economic and social benefits for a council region. This can assist the council with all areas of its planning, not just for visitor economy objectives, but for any other council objectives and required understandings.

Our data services are also used as our local research capability ahead of creative or brand development work. For example we use qualitative and quantitative data gathering and analysis as a component of stakeholder engagement. This phase of work is undertaken prior to the development of other services such as brand development, (eg. precinct or regional identity and positioning) or communications such as destination film development.

Please ask us anything about our council data analysis or stakeholder engagement services. We will be very happy to provide you with a quote and outline of the workflow process if this work is required.

Please have a chat with us - let us know your needs. We’ll give you a free 30 minute consult and we can go from there!