Destination Brand Building

Destination brand building encompasses logo or brand mark development, brand strategy and brand positioning. To fulfil requirements for successful destination brand development we will follow a process that begins with lots of questions and research with locals and stakeholders.

For destinations, we know this concept of ‘co-design’ and collaborative thinking in relation to the brand development is paramount. This is not sub-contracting creative heavy lifting to the community, rather it is bringing the community along with you in the process and extracting the brand truth along the way. This is key to destination brand success and is a great method of picking up genuine local insights and knowledge, all of which translates into a more powerful brand that is not just accepted and understood by all but championed by the entire region.

As we build your destination brand we might ask: what are the core differentiators for your region? What are the major strengths? What are the competitive brands or places? What makes a person head our way, and go to our place over another? How far will people travel to stay and play with you? What major stakeholders does the brand need to work with? What is the community most proud of and what wonderful hidden secrets does this area hold?

Building a destination brand includes taking local area insights into a brand mark or logo that is adaptable and functional enough to work with any local or regional stakeholder brands while being unique enough to stand out and represent the very best of the area. Equally the brand positioning and position line (sometimes called Brand Promise) requires highly focused consideration as a word-based element that should work in lock step with the logo and visual aspects of your brand.

A destination brand development process can be efficiently executed but is not something that should be rushed. When it is a process that is orchestrated correctly it will give the desired result, becoming the distilled basis from which all destination communications can fall back to and which can drive visitation like never before.

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