Regional Event Strategy Development

Regional events are becoming more and more important to the economic and social health and sustainability of regional communities across Australia as they are proven to be highly significant economic and visitation drivers. When a successful event is held in a region the regional multiplier effect on every dollar spent on event development is inarguable.

Proactive regions across Australia are taking a strategic view of local events and developing plans to continuously attract visitors and encourage locals to stay and enjoy the region all throughout the year. As this competition increases region by region and state by state, the IDEA behind each event becomes crucial to attracting visitors and keeping the community spending their money on local activities.

Oh The Places You’ll Go! can work with Councils, Regional Tourism Boards and other local stakeholders to understand the seasonal and other challenges of the region and then conceive entirely new event concepts or help conceptually adjust others.

In a post Covid19 world, and ahead of a proven vaccine, it is natural that the idea of holding any regional event may be daunting, However, the core reasons for the existence of events as a key component of regional destination marketing remain in place, so consideration to what and how events happen in your region is very likely to be a central aspect of your current marketing challenges. Our position at Oh The Places You’ll Go! is that it is not time to stop events, it’s time to get the creative thinking hat on and dream up new events, or reimagine your existing ones so they are both safe and exciting!

We’d love to use our heads to help drive people to your place! Talk to us about it in a free 30 minute consult today.