Social Media Strategy For Regions

Social Media Strategy for regions, tourism, travel, leisure and recreation businesses is a core offering of Oh The Places You’ll Go!

Agency founder, Chris Gillard has been innovating in communications strategy since early 2009 when he first developed a 12-month social media strategy document for a client. This was at a time when very few people were considering social media seriously from a brand perspective or with a long-term communications view. Building on his very early understanding of and fascination with social media platforms and social media campaign development, Chris takes this long-term know how to destination marketing for your region or business in the Australian visitor economy.

Social media strategy is not a static area and is always evolving. Our social plans will likely include an aspect of influencer marketing (including the use of micro influencers) but there is no cookie cutter approach for the successful use of social media for better sales results. Oh The Places You’ll Go! will take a totally blank canvas approach to your particular communications needs and then calibrate our view on the use of social media as part of an overall communications plan and go to market strategy.

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