Video Content Strategy

When considering any destination marketing efforts, it is important to understand the subtle but important changes that are occurring due to the rise of social media and influencer marketing.

We see a major shift now towards more ‘real’ people in destination marketing efforts across all media types. In a video for example, it’s less about a ‘reporter’ talking AT you and more about letting the viewer experience more reality without a direct sale being forced upon them. Influencers are the most obvious example of this, but additionally, the experiences you show in your destination marketing video are best sold by showing real people, doing real things and having real experiences over a multi-day period.

This does not make the film production side any easier or faster, as you still need to identify the right mix of activities and experiences for the film, you still need to capture great moments that are not scripted or rehearsed, you still require a fantastic punchy video edit and you still need high production values, graphics and key messages delivered too. The trick is in taking a professional documentary approach to the film so it is clear to a viewer that what they are watching is genuine but very well produced. This is the highly engaging, soft sell, emotive selling through video that we specialise in.

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